Leaky gas tank

I was tired of cleaning dirt out of the carb all the time so I tried to clean the rust out of my gas tank. I filled the tank with muriatic acid ,with a rubber plug in the petcock hole, and let it sit awhile. About half an hour later the acid was dripping out of the tank under the Ciao. I emptied and flushed the tank with water and found a spot where the acid had burned through. It's in a spot that you can;t get at to fix, under the slot that the plastic side panel screw turns into. Can i take the moped (tank does not come off ) to a gas tank renewer place and have it sprayed inside and coated to stop the leak ? There is no way to fix the hole with a patch on the outside. Any body have this same problem? bruce

Re: Leaky gas tank

have you tried welding or bronzing

Re: Leaky gas tank

It's not possible to get at the spot where the hole is. bruce

Re: Leaky gas tank

Bumping an old thread.

Same situation is happening with my buddy and we're debating on using POR-15 tank sealer to harden up at the small hole.

Has anyone ever done this with much luck?

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