pa titles .. the easy way

I know this has probably been covered, but what the hell

Those of you in PA have probably read over and over again on the wikis and various pages about getting a title for your ped. It always involves state police and title services, and basically is just a royal pain in the ass.

For those of you who've also tried to do it this way you'll note that the state police aren't always as available as you'd like them to be.

Well, turns out, all you need is

bill of sale from a state that doesn't require titles or registration, or if it does require registration, then the reg card from that state. (maryland works well here, no reg needed)

proof of insurance

pa drivers lic

VIN tracing

and that's it. they'll hand you the plate right then and there.

$63.90 (assuming a fair market value of $40 on your ped)

Puch, also doesn't appear to be in the rebbook/bluebook they use, so they can't do that damned tax based on redbook value if the selling price is less then what you paid.

Re: pa titles .. the easy way

I used to do that for a guy in PA, he'd mail me about 6 or 7 bills of sale, then I'd get the MI registrations and mail them back to him with a bill of sale from me. Works in WI too

Re: pa titles .. the easy way

wanna get me one

Re: pa titles .. the easy way

Depends on your DMV or AAA workers, sometimes they are anal about having a registration card with the bill of sale. But yea, people knew this it just depends on knowing someone in good state.

Re: pa titles .. the easy way

So, could one, in theory of course, just get some bills of sale, fill them out, make up a fictional seller, take them to the WI dmv and get a title? a bill of sale from like Iowa or Minnesota or something? In theory.

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berg where in pa are you at?

and gonna hook a brother up. i have a bunch.

Re: pa titles .. the easy way

I live in york.

I did my last 2 via the state police route since they originated in PA, but i picked one up in ohio and one in MD, and while trying to get ahold of the staties this time got nothing but slack.

So i sent an email to runkels, she told me for those peds i didn't need the mv-32 or whatever the hell that stolen vehicle check is ... just to bring the stuff i listed. and well about 25 minutes later i had my plates.

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The reason that your out-of-state paperwork trick works is because you are:

1. Taking it to a cooperative Notary and Tags place (Runkle's or Brimmer's)

2. The Notary includes copies if the originating state's vehicle code that states the non-titling status there

3. You have a legitimate receipt (sometimes notarized) from the seller in the other state

4. They charge you their fees

I'm telling you this now while you can. Mopeds and Scooter regulations in PA and other states can get reviewed and changed at any time. I persnally think with the latest increase in small 2-wheeled vehicle popularity it may spark at least some upgraded registration fees in the near future, if not a whole revamping of inspection and insurance requirements.

Re: pa titles .. the easy way

To everyone reading this - Great! go give it a shot, and try to get a title for your ped.

Be careful buying a ped with no title just because you've got this nugget of information, though - there's a good chance it won't always work.

Titles in PA are a nightmare. The real secret is to find a notary that is either on your side, or who will at least tell you what you need to do to fix your paperwork.

I once went in with an open title to an AAA location, and the woman freaked. I had just bought the bike, and the open title law had just changed to make notarized, unsigned titles illegal. The lady in the AAA office gave me all kinds of crap about it, told me it could never be fixed, and that they'd have to petition Harrisburg for a new title (which would take six months). I thanked her, and got out of there.

As I was walking away, she called out "don't lose that title - someone could use it to register your bike in their name." WHAT THE MOTHER#*^# - that's what I was trying to do all along! Why can't I just do whatever they would do?

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I knew if anyone had to chime in you would:)

[i'm just saying that becuase of the volume of mopeds that pass through your hands]

I think the fee at runkle's was $6 or $9, i have the receipt in the car, but it's raining and i'm not up to the task of getting wet to double check. I do know that i got a $2 discount for paying cash.

Still for same day plates < $10 is nothing in my book.

The lady mentioned that she sees between 1-3 of these per day for the past few months, and before that she hardly ever saw any at all.

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okay so i got a question for you guys. I live in maryland and we all know you dont need to register a moped there, so both my mopeds have no titles. Now i go to college in pa and would love to take my moped with me, what would i need to do to get pa tags for my ped if thats even possible?

Re: pa titles .. the easy way

You could arguably keep your MD driver's license and carry the PA Vehicle Code along with you when you finally do get stopped. In there it states that if you meet the requirements for both registration and insurance, you are allowed to operate a vehivle in PA.

You will be able to get a PA title and register your mopeds in PA if you get a PA Drivers License first. Then you will need to find the correct forms on PENNDOT's website to transfer title/registrations of your vehicles into PA:

Of course you will need to plead your case about not needing titling or registration of any kind in MD, so a copy of the MD Vehicle Code will be needed (even though PENNDOT employees have it at their disposal).

Re: pa titles .. the easy way

anybody wants me to do this shoot me an email at flashy65 was it you I did this for, or am I thinking of somebody else on here?

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