moped find?

hey everyone,

im new here and new to mopeds. ive been looking for one for a while and today a friend (rides a puch newport) told me one of his neighbors was cleaning out their garage and found a couple of mopeds. one was an old puch which has already been sold. the other was some sort of batavus. hes asking 250 FIRM (i already offered 200 cash in hand and he said no)

he said that they belonged to his father who passed about 10 years ago and they have been in storage since then. he said that his father had both the puch and batavus serviced regularly.

here are some pictures

http://s209. photobucket. com/albums/bb38/Gripfast/batavus/?action=view&current=DSC028

58. jpg

http://s209. photobucket. com/albums/bb38/Gripfast/batavus/?action=view&current=DSC028

59. jpg

http://s209. photobucket. com/albums/bb38/Gripfast/batavus/?action=view&current=DSC028

60. jpg

http://s209. photobucket. com/albums/bb38/Gripfast/batavus/?action=view&current=DSC028

61. jpg

http://s209. photobucket. com/albums/bb38/Gripfast/batavus/?action=view&current=DSC028

62. jpg

http://s209. photobucket. com/albums/bb38/Gripfast/batavus/?action=view&current=DSC028

63. jpg

http://s209. photobucket. com/albums/bb38/Gripfast/batavus/?action=view&current=DSC028

64. jpg

i basically want it just to go to work and back with. maybe at some point 'throw a kit on it'

what do you think? 250 worth it?

also i should add i know a couple guys who ride/can fix mopeds and a guy with a spray gun if i want it painted

Re: moped find?


Re: moped find?

dude your pics didnt come thru

Re: moped find?

You need to upload the jpegs because most of us are too lazy (or drunk) to cut & paste the link. Lame, I know. What's the running condition? It looks sweet but does it kick-over & run? If not, prepare to work before riding.

Re: moped find?

im not sure if it runs or not. the tank was empty. im pretty sure that they had been put away for winter. because there was no gas in the tank and it didnt really smell like gas, as if it had been cleaned out before being put away.

my guess is that at this point it is not running.

your pis sir

Re: your pis sir

Erm... I meant "Pics"

Well, unless it runs perfect and peds are impossible to find in Maine I'd say he's dreaming. Batavus is not the best place to start, they are very hard to find parts for and I don't believe that they are terribly reliable. I bought a running '94 tomos top tank for that price last fall. Looking at CL it does look expensive in your area but check out this break> in RI.

Re: your pis sir

kim jensen /

I'd have to agree with Wiffleball. That's in so-so shape and parts are in short supply. Start with a tomos or puch or maybe vespa.


re: Moped Find - He's in Maine

wiffleball, why did you send him a link to a Tomos in Rhode Island?

The two places do have one thing in common though - for at least the seaboard parts of each state, something about the salt air (or winter road salt) eats away at vintage vehicles.

I was amazed at the number of classic-esque cars that were being used as daily drivers on the west coast - even in Washington where you'd think the winters would be harsh.

Gripfast, when you said that the guy pulled it out of the garage after sitting since his father left it, I was prepared to advise you to stay away from it.

From the pictures, though, it doesn't look too bad. Granted, it still looks a little bad, but it could be restored, though not on the cheap.

re: Moped Find - He's in Maine

Only because RI is about a day's drive and the moped market there looks to be a heck of a lot better, It surprised me that it appeared better than NH or VT. Of course where I live, I'm used to making long drives for everything.

re: Moped Find - He's in Maine

I'd say $200 is fair if the engine turns over smoothly. $250 is too much. Not a bad bike though, and it's a 30mph version, so that's good.

In my experience, Batavuses are well made and very reliable as long as the clutch holds up. Assuming it's got a good clutch and isn't seized, I bet it wouldn't take much to get it running.

Re: moped find?

batavus carburetors are a nightmare to put back together (of course, to me almost everything on a moped is a nightmare).

Re: moped find?

Wow, I checked Maine craigslist, and it doesn't look good.

800 for a Puch Maxi

850 for a Cimatti City Bike

650 for a Honda Urban Express (hey... maybe)

It looks like 250 might be decent for the area, but the other bikes were nicer.

Anyway, there is hardly anything that would make me sit in a car all day long.

Re: moped find?

I sell puchs in maine for 300 to 400 that run the guys on cl are not selling mopeds they are holding out for the big score if you want a moped that runs send me an email at look at the attached pic I have this for sale now and I have a gray one and others that are off brands I also have some that need to be fixed for like 150 if you can do some carb cleaning


Re: moped find?

Id go for a puch over Barney the Purple Batavus all day long.

im not going to sit idly by

while people insult the batavus name.

Re: moped find?


Re: moped find?

well i got it for a solid 200 today.

havent tried to get it to go yet. today was basically just doing some maintainance on it. pumping up the tires. polishing the frame/wheels/exhaust. 99% of the rust was surface rust. no real body rust to speak of except on some nuts and bolts. im planning ongoing down to auto zone or some other parts store to get some wax and oil and what not. any one have suggestions of what i might need to buy other than that? and what should i run in it for oil? ive heard 50 to 1 with SAE 40 weight.

over all its cleaning up quite nicely and im pleased with my purchasae

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