Tire size vs. tube size vs, rim size HELP!

I've got a 2.50-17 tire mounted on a 1.25-17 rim.

the tube blew a hole in it, and I need to get a tube (well, I got a tube, but its not quite right) Its a 2.75-17 tube.

will this work on my tire rim combo, or do I need a 2.50-17 or something else to get this to work!


Re: Tire size vs. tube size vs, rim size HELP!

You need a 2.50 tube for a 2.50 tire. Problem is, there a lot of "universal tubes" around nowdays, that might say 2.25/2.50/2.75. Nobody believes in doing things right anymore. A tube that is to small is not going to support the tire properly, and a tube that is to big will have wrinkles in it when properly inflated. Peace. Jerry.

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