Mopeds and the Law

TheMopedGuys /

I rode a moped from CT to CA in 20 days and did not have one problem with the police. Why? Because we followed the laws of the state. Most states require you to be 16 and have a drivers license and some states require that you wear a helmet. You are supposed to follow all motor vehicle laws of the state .In plan language if your going to ride like an asshole your going to get pulled over sooner or later. Cops have better things to do than pull mopeds over. They are here to help and protect not harass. Who's the first one you call when your moped is stolen? Who do you call when your house is broken into or your robbed at gun point. How many cops gave their lives for doing their jobs, To protect and serve. The cops are not the bad guys. Why dont you stop riding like assholes and obey the laws. Then you wont have to worry about getting pulled over. And even if you do get puled over what do you have to worry about if you have been following the law of the state. Cops are our friends.

Re: Mopeds and the Law

First of all, I wasn't riding like an asshole. my bike was broke down on the side of the rode. Insted of helping me, when the cop got out of his patrol car, he should have been asking "is everything all right?" not "licence and registration plese." For the most part, police ARE there to "protect and serve." but if you think that is the way thing go down all the time in the real world, my suggestion is you need to go back to that little republican fantasy world you live in and lock the gate. Bcause in the immortal words of Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, "someday you too will know my pain, and smile it's black tooth grin."

See you at the Pleasantville Gestapo (Homeland Security) rally, ShuphKopht....

Re: Mopeds and the Law

david f martin /

Oh, Jeez, not this thread again.

As we all know, there are assholes in every profession. Assholes like to harrass people. If you were an asshole, wouldn't you want to be a cop, so you could harrass anyone, anytime you wanted to?

Yes, there are cops who are good guys, but they are often beat down by the other asshole cops that they work with. There IS a gang mentality in law enforcement.

You're right, cops have better things to do than harrass moped riders, but they do it anyway, sometimes for no reason at all.

I know an asshole cop personally. He has no qualms about running his neighbors tags and getting all of thier personal information. He loves to fight, he just hates the paperwork that follows. Don't tell me he's not an asshole, I know him personally, and he's what most folks would consider a "good cop".

I'll leave it at that, before my blood pressure gets much higher.


Re: Mopeds and the Law

I spent four years in law enforcement and can tell you there are cops with an attitude. I left law enforcement when I realized the general public views cops as the enemy unless they need to file a report. Cops that are new on the force are the biggest problem. It generally takes a few years for a new cop to mellow and find the middle ground between enforceing every law and educating citizens on the need to follow laws to ensure all are safe. I can also tell you to a cop there are three groups of people, them (cops), average citizens, and trouble makers. Anyone who tells you there is not a "Code of Silence" is either ignorant or nieve. TheMopedGuys are wrong to classify "Cops are our friends." If they said "Some cops are our friends" I would agree. My estimate would be 70% of the cops are decent people I would be willing to have a friendship with. The other 30% I would avoid. On the force, I witnessed cops like the one faust encountered, suffering from the Napolian Complex. What harm was done by riding the moped home, faust endangered nobody. The issue was faust didn't do what the new little cop asked him to do. It was an ego thing for the new little cop. TheMopedGuys assume the only encounters with cops are from "riding like assholes", well, how do you classify that, nieve or ignorant?

What are you smoking ???

Reeperette /

>>Cops have better things to do than pull mopeds over.<<

Yeah, they do - why the hell don't they go do em instead of hassling us, then, eh ?

>>They are here to help and protect not harass.<<

Not true, NOTHING in a police charter says a damn thing about protecting the individual, nor helping the public out.

Their job is to enforce the law, but personal interpretation of that differs, obviously, for each and every cop, but by law a cop has utterly no obligation to protect you from crime, whereas he/she does have an obligation to prosecute the perpetrators of said crime.

Subtle but very important difference.

>>Who's the first one you call when your moped is stolen?<<

In order ?

Some of my more lowbrow friends.

My insurance company.

Then, and only if the tracking device fails and we do not find it, then and only then, the Police.

>>Who do you call when your house is broken into or your robbed at gun point.<<

The coroner, cause one will be needed.

Guess he'll bring the cops, but not that I care at that point.

>>How many cops gave their lives for doing their jobs, To protect and serve.<<

How many civvies gave their lives to a cops bullet in their back as they fled an abusive officer, unarmed.

Piazonnie Johnny wasn't quite killed, but took a bullet in the back from a nervous and psychotic cop on a baseless traffic stop, without reason....I find it bothersome that the cops keep score of how many of THEM go down, but never my people.

How many innocent folks drop-shot by cops wishing to close a case at any cost have died, by shiv or hangin up, in prison ?

Nobody knows, nobody cares.

I'll honor their dead when they honor mine - and not before.

>>The cops are not the bad guys.<<

>>Cops are our friends.<<

Issat so ?

Imagine finding out that your mother, and only remaining decent family member has comitted suicide christmas night, and then having a pack of overzealous hotshot cops ransack your home and then try to accuse YOU of murdering her, cause a suicide isn't newsworthy or promotion fodder ?

And being an emotionally distraught 17yr old who can't even grieve properly cause he has to protect his sister from this horrific situation...

Doesn't mean I've never met a decent cop, but lets be honest with ourselves here, the cops as a force are like all organisations once they reach a certain scale - an enterprise that exists only to serve and feed it's own self, and nothing more.

The very idea of being a cop draws in every bully and lowlife who wants to push folks around, and the academy doesn't weed em out, they just make em better at it by teachin em how to cover it up, whether that instruction is official or otherwise.

As individuals, the police may or may not be sterling individuals, by themselves, but as a force they are "The Enemy" to me, and always will be, their own conduct towards me, my friends and family has earned no less.


Re: What are you smoking ???

well said. the ONLY positive experience I've ever had was growing up, my next door neighbor was a police officer. He's now Chief of Police in Burlington,NC. Mike Gaulidin is One of the FEW, Honest, Strait Shooters I know.

On the other hand, almost every other cop I've ever met joined the force because they were abused or bullied as children, or have other 'anger management' issues. They were just lucky enough to not get a criminal record while they were young and could pass the drug screen.

Two guys who didn't like me and their 2 buddies I grew up with cornered me in a bathroom in the band room at school and forced me to fight. In the course of the fight, one of the stalls was knocked down and caused a lot of damage. There were 4 of them and one of me, so when the school officials confronted all involved, the other 4 said I kicked the stall down and they walked in on ME doing it. 3 of those guys joined the sherrif's department together, and became jail guards (they were too fat and out of shape to become 'real cops'). 2 of them left because they couldn't even do that right.

I've probably will never have a positive view of ANY law enforcement official just because of the way all the others I've known in my life have treated me. I'm not perfect, I don't always obey every rule to the letter. I speed when I'm in my car when conditions allow. I drink A BEER or 2 once in a while (at home where I'm safe and don't have to drive). But I don't steal or cause fights or crap like that either. I treat other people in the way I'd like to be treated. I treat EVERYBODY like that. But apparently that isn't good enough.

Re: What are you smoking ???

chuck russo va /

you moped guys need a reality check, i have only came across 2 decent cops in my life.

one was the one who came to my house to tell my i cant ride my gokart in the street anymore (i was like 12)

and the 2nd one is my aunts boyfriend, he is a liutenant in fairfax city police. he got 3 stupid charges brought against me dropped without going to court.

bad experiances, me and liek 10 friends were back in the woods hanging out at our firepit and 2 cops came back there, told us all to put our hands up in the air and then they proceded to fully search all of us, looking in our shoes and everything. this one cop- every kid he searched he grabbed them in the gentital area.

then another time i was cuffed, the cuff were not double locked and they were putn on so tight that may hands tunred colors, i was then put in a cop car and sat there for 45 min and then the cop proceded to tell me i was going to jail till i was 25 and i was going to be ass raped by a big black guy in JDH that is 20, then i busted out laughing and told him that people in jdh are taken to jail on there 18th b-day and he felt like an idiot. and then he truned on country music in the polic car and blasted it and would not turn it down because i asked nicely at least 10 times

befor i was handcuffed 2 cops were yelling at me at the top of there lungs and i told them i didnt have to put up with there shit, and i was going to take any more of this harassment and i wanted to talk with my family attorny right now and i tryed to get up and 2 cops grabbed me and threw me back into the chair i was sitting in

so all in all i avoid cops in anyway possible, even my aunts boyfriend said only liek 25-35% of cops are legit and actually good. he said most of them are total ass holes who have anger manigment problems and yes there is a "code of silance" and cops will lie for one another

Re: What are you smoking ???

The thing that bothers me the most is that, no matter what, there isn't squat we can do about it. Any complaints we make fall on deaf ears.

I've already decided that I'm going to move to Amsterdam, Holland. Yes they have problems over there too, but asshole cops aren't one of them. They can't just randomly pull you over, or just start searching you on the street for no reason. And mopeds are the rule, rather than the exception. With gas at over $1.00 per LITER (not gallon) mopeds are an attractive transportation option.

And did I mention the 'coffee shops,' Open sexual attitudes, ect...

Re: What are you smoking ???

Kevin at 420 /

Funny thing. Back when I was in H.S. and, still smoked pot, there was one guy I would buy from , ran in to him the other day. Turns out he is now a cop in a small town in SW Mi. Now thats Odd!! P.S. the "420" in my addy is my house #

Re: What are you smoking ???

david f martin /

Dang, faust, get ahold of yourself. You must be pretty horny, and you're getting away from the subject: Asshole Cops...

You can find women with open sexual attitudes anywhere. Try a laundromat here in SC... (a friend of mine told me a funny story one time...)


Re: What are you smoking ???

WarChylde /

News Flash.. LOL not that it's anything new :) but here ya go anyways... this ones for you Faust.. .

Re: Mopeds and the Law

WarChylde /

Re: Mopeds and the Law

WarChylde /

sorry about posing this more than once.. I just wanted to get it as a hyperlink so you guys dont have to cut and paste.. .

<a href="">Why

the NMBPD is Retarded or About Moped Laws in South Carolina and the<br>

Very Unfair North Myrtle Beach Police Department !</a>

Re: Mopeds and the Law

Shouldn't worry about pussy too much, last one I had f**k'd my brain up. She was my boss lady and was screwing half the kitchen help. fired me 'cause I fell in love with her crazy ass...

Re: What are you smoking ???

well said , reeperette

Re: What are you smoking ???and where can i get it

the truth most small towns, the cops dont have better things to do, and if ur doing things illegal, riding dangeouslly....they'll get ya.

Nothing, I'm too broke 'cause I bought a Cosmo

the thing is, I wasn't showing my ass. I ride like I have sense. I don't run stop signs, or red lights. I stay in my lane, unless there's a road hazard, I don't go over the speed limit because mine tops out @ 38 or so, and for the most part, oby the rules of the road... and during tourist season North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach, Sc can have as many as 1/2 A MILLION PEOPLE (July 4th, Harley Bike Fest Week, Memorial Day, Ect...). not that small a town. now In a couple O' months, that'll be a different story...

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