Some good news for once.

I called up BJ at Handybikes and what a great help he was! I told him my situation (piston too large) and he asked me for some measurements on both the piston and cylinder jug,after he got those we found out I had a 38.7mm jug and a 39.7mm piston. He told me he'll mail one out and that it should be here Friday. Problem solved easier than I expected and I'm happy.

Also,my friend that sold my buddy his Targa LX just bought a Magnum for $160. I wasn't on the one on the phone but apparently it's brown so it could be the limited edition? Who knows?

Me and my two friends might be riding soon. I still need about $150 in parts.

Re: Some good news for once.

I thought the limited editions were only sold with a white tank with the logo on top of the tank, not the brown.

Re: Some good news for once.

I thought they where brown and gold with black striping type shit.

Re: Some good news for once.

i think thats the xk limited is white ish

Re: Some good news for once.

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Brown and Gold edition is the second most rare, but it isn't the limitied edition. They were just sexily painted magnum MKIIs with golden 5 stars (with sealed bearings, sexy), oil dampened forks, a little dashboard, a key, and just utter awesomeness. Mmm, I'm lucky to have one.

Re: Some good news for once.

Maybe I'll go see what it is exactly during lunch tomorrow at school.

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