Sachs clutch & idle adjustment

Mike (MA) /


I'm having troubles getting the clutch and idle adjusted correctly. When I started the clutch wasn't tight enough, so the engine would spin like hell but not grab the clutch (unless I pulled the clutch level). So I tightened the stop screw, and now it moves when I give it gas. But it wants to idle too fast. If I come to a stop and slowly turn down the idle, it'll be ok, but at the next stop sign, it'll stall.

I suppose I could leave the idle up high, where it wants it, but I'm concerned about too much useless fiction/spinning against the clutch at stop signs, and also too much heating of the engine when not moving.

Has anyone experienced this catch-22?

-Mike (MA)

Re: Sachs clutch & idle adjustment

You can also try adjusting your clutch cable. There is a screw right underneath the handle. Sounds like it may be a little tight.

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