1978 Vespa Grande

I just aquired a 1978 Piaggio Vespa Grande color: grey, condition: good, breaks sqeak, gas hand;e sticks, rust spots hear and there. It looks identical to the photos of the Vespa given on the site. Can anyone give me a price range, nothing accurate, just in the 100 to 200 dollar range

Re: 1978 Vespa Grande

$300, give or take, from a moped enthusiast, maybe $500 from the average guy.

Re: 1978 Vespa Grande

Dude up here wanted $800 for one in perfect condition.

1978 Vespa Grande

kim jensen /

The slide in the carb is probably sticking. Take it off the carb and clean the carb inside and out. Lubricate all the cables by dripping oil down the cables snd lube the throttle grip.

Brakes will probably need to be removed and cleaned/sanded.

Remove the petcock and flush out the gas tan carb cleaner or paint thinner.

Check out the servicing and repair threads in the Wiki on this site.


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