Precious Cargo

Whats the most you've had to carry on your moped, in your backpack, in your milk crate, strapped to your rear rack, etc?

Last night i did 8 sets of venetian blinds, wall tapestries, curtains, and a casserole dish filled with strawberry rhubarb cobbler.

Re: Precious Cargo

last weekend i carried a 30 pack in one of those giant chrome bags.

Re: Precious Cargo

Returned a keg on my Maxi. Shit gets loose when the wind starts gusting.

Re: Precious Cargo

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

24 pack of beer, new set of savas and tubes, a spare e50, full set of tools, a spare bi-turbo, and my camera.

Getting to fix it days can be trying...

Re: Precious Cargo

Two full tower computer cases on the rear rack, all that weight back there really screws up the handling.

This much.

4 air soft m16s (3 bottles of pellets), 2 sleeping bags, a duffel with 3 days worth of clothes xbox w/60 games wallet(full), controllers, and a mini remote control helicopter. All in one trip.

This much.


Re: This much.

Every week I carry a full size weed whip in my crate. She sticks out the back/side a bit so I have to be cautious in traffic.

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