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I know this is going to vary by state but overall what is the law for mopeds on non-limited access highways? (ie: US and state highways that don't use exits like interstates)

From what I can find from my home state of Arkansas, it only states that it's unlawful to ride upon any public road or highway without a permit/license (except for limited access highways which are always forbidden).

It seems that Texas is the same. the reason I care about the law for TX is I'm sitting about 2 miles from TX and will often be riding into TX.

What I am wondering about if it's legal to ride on such highways, are you allowed to (or even restricted to) the shoulder? What about a non-limited access highway that states no driving on shoulder? I suppose that sign wouldn't apply to bicycles & mopeds since they aren't able to go 55mph.

By Arkansas law, mopeds (50cc and under) are "motorized bicycles" and need to registration or insurance. So as I'm understanding it, it would be legal for me to ride it along a US or state highway (that doesn't have exits), probably on the shoulder since it's so slow and is pretty much considered a bicycle...just a motorized one.

There is a good reason I am asking this. I would like to travel around nearby within AR and nearby states to camp without having to take my car. Lots of scenic state highways with low speed limits in Arkansas but to get to them you must travel busier US highways to cross rivers to get to the state highways. Or the US highway may just be perfectly direct to where I may be heading.

Anyone know anything any different?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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