Need help getting crank arms off TOMOS

It's 1:00 am and I'm trying to get the crank arms off my old TOMOS motor. Each arm has some type of partially countersunk bolt that runs through it and there seems to be a block of metal where the arm and the shaft meet which locks the crank in place?? I am tired, so please help. Thanks.

Re: Need help getting crank arms off TOMOS

chuck russo va /

wd-40, let it sit for 10 min. spray some more.

then wack the shit out of it with a hammer, its gonna bend, but now ones are only a buck each

Re: Need help getting crank arms off TOMOS

Kevin Harrell /

There are two ends to the pin. One threaded, one not. If it will not come out with hiting it on the threaded end, stop doing that. If you break the threaded end then you will have real problems. What you need to do is hit the nonthreaded end hard with a hammer. This will drive it in further, but it will also break the bond. Then hit it on the threaded end and it should come out. If it doesn't come out keep alternating the end you hit. Eventually it will work itself loose and come out. You will probably need to replace the pin, but they are relitively cheep, and avalible at some bicycle stores if you do not have a moped shop nearby.

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