too many mopeds.

ok sooo first of all somone slashed a tire on a magnum i was working on.... wtf. that sucks.

but good news. my ex girlfriend came over today and gave me her maxi 1,5 to play with for a year since shes living in new hampshire for the summer, and going to rome for a study abroad next semester.dunno pretty good day after we had intercourse i feel like i have way too many PUCH's to handle right now... i just got fired from my job , so it might be a good idea to sell the MAXI-S 2HP.

im gonna swap a tire i just put into it 2 to the 1,5., and sell a running stock-esk 1976 puch maxi s what do you think i could get for it in MA right at the start of good riding season++ gas prices on the rise?


Re: too many mopeds.

850 no sweat

Re: too many mopeds.

Zack Rineer /

dang meng

not sure bout $850.. if so im selling my peugeot!

Re: too many mopeds.

depends on the area ladies and gentlemen.

I dont understand why people dont get that.

Re: too many mopeds.

"dunno pretty good day after we had intercourse"

Best part.

Re: too many mopeds.

oh man i know. i was like sick a free moped.

Re: too many mopeds.

If it's in good shape (no rust) and starts with no problems, I would go $1000 OR BEST, people love the puch I've had all kinds of offers for mine since gas whent north of four bucks

Re: too many mopeds.

Yep! the mark of a great day, Sex followed by scoring a moped!

Re: too many mopeds.

Judging by the area (and I know it well, and the usual suspects), and following the prices around here, the 800s is high. You'd be competing with Bill up in North Reading, and I wouldn't be the first person to say that his prices are a little too steep. Also, people have been mocking that guy on Craig's List who's been trying to sell a Motobecane for 650 (WHOLESALE! lol) for months. To be honest, I sold my Magnum for close to that amount, and she was in more than pristine condition with mods. That’s the big daddy rare bike for this area - know of less than 10 in the entire state that are on the road, and I can say with confidence it was the cleanest. Don’t undercut yourself by any means, but that price may be a bit much – if you want the best results though sell it on eBay with a reasonable reserve. Craig’s List yielded nothing for me, but a well listed item will sell right on eBay.

What I also recommend to people is trying to sell it on eBay with an unreasonable (unmentioned) reserve (read: $10,000). Let the auction run and see how much it goes for. Costs you maybe 10 bucks to list, but you get a real sense of what the market is doing, and what the demand is in the area for the bike. It also gives you exposure to a very large audience that Craig’s List just doesn’t provide for you. I sold my first moped outside an auction after they saw it on eBay.

Hope that helps, and glad you got some breh!

Re: too many mopeds.

that was a nice bike phil

this year, your bike would pull 1200 on ebay

an old maxi tho, prob 450 5

hey there's an ass for every seat,

but there's no asses for that 650 moby or the 900 puegoet or the 600 jawa now.....

id have a tough time trying to sell that for over 4 or 5 if its the white one in his other thread.

the ebay suggestion is good tho - god knows how many whacko's are out there laying down all the cash for maxi's.

Re: too many mopeds.

and Bill in Reading? He sells peds LOL. Whatever market goes for and then some , good guy, doesnt haggle, likes mopeds isnt a scumbag. I agree he gets premium price. He's not in a rush.

I get defensive about bill, cuase i hear people sometimes say he charges too much. I think he has the right to sell for what he wants, and he's not a scam artist. This state has a few of those right now. Bill aint one of em.

Re: too many mopeds.

Oh I agree he's a nice guy...we've chatted on several occasions and met up before. I was just letting Steve know that his initial amount was at the high end of the spectrum, which I think we can agree is where Bill is at as well. That doesn't make him scum at all - I've seen what he sells, and they're in amazing shape but for the market in Massachusetts it's a tough sell. That's all I mean.

Re: too many mopeds.

yeah, that sounds like the best way to go.

thanks, and thanks for the help with insurance, i was finally able to get quoted.~SABAT!

Re: too many mopeds.

I didnt take what you wrote any diffent.

Im just saying there are some people in and around that can be kinda gaff artists.

Hell everyone thinks a broken moby 50l today is either trash or worth 950 lol

Re: too many mopeds.

hey i wasent asking for anything, i was just wondering what everyone in the community thought it was worth at this very moment.

Re: too many mopeds.

i'll second the comments about bill from reading .. i bought my panther from him and it was worth every penny he was asking and still runs great.

i don't blame him one bit for increasing his prices slightly of late. he describes the peds he sells accurately and in my opionion anyway are fairly priced for the market today.

i'm surprised he isn't sold out by now...

Re: too many mopeds.

Prom on a moped with a fanny pack. excellent.

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