Snow chains?

Now that it's winter, there's been alot of talk of the soft brass chains being used as snow chains. I was wondering if anyone has a picture of them on their moped? We have the file attachment option now, so lets abuse it..i mean, take advantage of it.

(I was only kidding guys, dont ban me heh)


Re: Snow chains?

Reeperette /

Well, I have some of the chain, and a polaroid, but no scanner.

Gimme a little bit and I will see if we can manage something.


Re: Snow chains?

gimmejimmie /

I've heard of guys using a rope wrapped around the tire and rim all the way around the wheel (in between the spokes) or a knobby tire. Check clearance between chain and swingarm. It might be a bumpy ride, but how fast can you go on ice & snow before you dump it anyhow? also, a short piece of an old snow or water ski strapped to the front wheel will improve steering. For me, I'll just kick in the 4WD in my truck, and wait for an early spring.

Re: Snow chains?

how about <a href="">this</a>;


swarm and destroy

Re: Snow chains?

HaHaHaHa !!!....... that is funny... I hope you kick ass.

Re: Snow chains?

i have seen a japan catalogue with small snow chains for mopeds,

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