OK I brroke down!

I called the local dealer today and bought a new Tomos Sprint For 1177.00 out the door price. tax included. I was looking at E-Blow and Craigs List. and craigs list stuff is sold or more than new. I was told I bought one of the last sprint models he has two. And he bought the last 28 that are going to enter the country in the next 8 to 10 weeks He has some of the TTLX or street mate models but if you like me are on a budget you better buy now. YOUR USED PED MAY BE WORTH MORE TOMORROW.AND MORE NEXT WEEKEND IF YOU CLEAN IT UP.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Re: OK I brroke down!

yea ive noticed the price of mopeds here in California has jumped just in the last couple months. I cant even buy a good running classic moped without it being close to the price of a new Tomos Sprint. Im kinda thinking about getting a Tomos now, just for sheer availability of parts and aftermarket support.

Re: OK I brroke down!

YUP thats why I bought new I will be able to get Parts for the new A55 engine for a long time. and I see the kits are on the market now also.

Re: OK I brroke down!

BryAn eurism /

The guy that almost rammed his RAM 3500 turbo Cummins up your taillight yesterday might be the guy that snakes that new TOMOS out from under you at $300 over MSRP

Re: OK I brroke down!


The A55 is ONLY used in the U.S.

Everywhere else... still uses the A35

So i'd say it'd pro'lly be easier to get parts for one of those..

Not to burst your bubble lol but yeah :D

Especially if Tomos USA, which... unfortunately is run by a bunch of ass-hats one day goes under...

Just FYI ^^

Re: OK I brroke down!

I like to fix mopeds alot all the time until I get mad and cry.


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