Importing Vintage Mopeds

I have been looking at the Ebay UK site and notice some amazingly interesting vintage mopeds goings for fairly decent money. I gather it's about 500 bucks to import, but does anyone have any experience of the customs situation once they get here? I live in California and have no idea whether the DMV paperwork is lengthy and tough etc. I'd love to pull in an old Raleigh or something.

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DMV will not be a problem as you register it by the mail using the REG230 form. They do not know where it has been before.

You have to check the federal regulations. I believe that there is a cut-off date. Anything older than the date is not a problem, anything newer is. I think it is 1974 but I am not sure.

Re: Importing Vintage Mopeds

In WA it's 25 years. I found that out while looking at bringing in one of these to drive around the city and rescue mopeds:

Re: Importing Vintage Mopeds

Ben Van Zoest /

Our local dealer wants 9999.95$ for the street but not highway legal this third world pickup

Re: Importing Vintage Mopeds

I imported a 1973 Solex 6000 from Canada, and as long as it was older than 30 years old, there was no problem...two forms to fill out...there was something about a broker and a broker's fee...and that was all. I used FedEx and they were very helpful. Check out their website and give them a call. Much better than Air Canada who I used on another occasion and who lost my Pli-Solex in Montreal for a week.

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wow Those pick-ups are all over in our tiny town here!

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BryAn eurism /

I wanna live in a tiny town too! Then I could eat 3 triple chili burgers in 1 sitting

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I want to go to germany! like 8 years ago!!!

LUVV mopeds

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anything 25 years or older will go right past customs as long as you pay the import duty which is a reasonable 3% of value on cars and 25% on trucks. I've never been able to find the tarrif on mopeds, if one even exists.

Anything newer then 25 years, save your money. You can get it here, but having it approved for road use is like pulling teeth. Unless it's on the list of cars someone's already had a registered importer go through the process on, which is very very small. it'll set you back an easy 10k, That's for cars of course, mopeds they may not even check.

Now of course, if you live in a state that doesn't require registration or titles, you can just import it for parts. When you do this with cars/trucks they usually make you cut the frame so it's unusable, but again .. mopeds ... probably not an issue.

I've pulled 3 VW's europe, and i can tell you the one that was 24 years old ended up being so much trouble i ended up letting it sit in belgium until it was officially 25 years old.

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