Registration? Insurance? What???

The person i just bought my moped from handed the title over to me and said, "Heres the title, you can register if if you want to...but I didn't."

And it had no plates....

I looked on my state's DMV site and it said something about needing registration, plates, and INSURANCE....what??

for a moped???

Can somebody give me some good insight on what i should do to avoid tickets and fines please??

Thanks. :-)

Re: Registration? Insurance? What???

If your state requires registration, plates, and insurance (mine does), get them. Some states have absolutely ridiculous fines for not having insurance. Mine is $500, but they will cut it in half if you show up in court with insurance. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Registration? Insurance? What???

What you should do is get insurance, then go to the DMV with your title and insurance and get a registration and plate.

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