city-bike...i need help!!

A blue city-bike was just given to me,previous owner was cleaning out his garage and feeling generous.

its been sitting since 1992,and im gonna try like hell to resurect it.

my problem(s) is i know absolutly nothing about it. i belive its a 5occ,but thats about all i know.

i have know idea on how to start the damn thing,what the fuel/oil mix is,what year it is,where to find the vin #(does it have one?)

so if theres ANYBODY out there that can help me out, i would greatly appreciate it



Re: city-bike...i need help!!

Mineralli V1 49cc engine (could be 47cc if it's the 20mph version). Dellorto 14/12 carb most likely.

Mix 50:1 synthetic oil, 40:1 standard oil.

VIN should be on a plate riveted to the head tube, along with the date of manufacture.

Sweet bikes, my girls got one with like 310 miles on it.

Read "Fred's guide" under the resources tab at the top, it's a good place to start if you're new the game.

Re: city-bike...i need help!!

much appreciated.

ive figured out that its a '77 w/ a minerelli motor. on the right side of the motor is what appears to be a place to put i need to put oil in here(what type?) as well as mix with fuel?

like i said,its all new to me. i did get it to turn over and run for a minute,but i shut it down,not knowing the oil situation.

once again thanks for the help.any other wisdom will be greatly appreciated


Re: city-bike...i need help!!

repair forum============>

Re: city-bike...i need help!!


Re: city-bike...i need help!!

The oil hole on the side is for the transmission oil, use 10w30 or 20w30. For mixing with the gas use 2-stroke oil. Read Fred's guide and search the repair forum to get it running. At a minimum you'll want fresh gas, thorough carb cleaning, new spark plug, and maybe new cables.

Re: city-bike...i need help!!


read that, it'll answer some questions you're about to ask.

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