NY registration!

How do I go about getting my moped road legal in NY? and how do I apply for a title ect? if someone could give me a detailed process that would be very much appreciated!


Re: NY registration!

Larry Picarello /

Stay away from the last guy who helped me( Trekkie w/ Starfleet Academy pin).

When I presented him w/ a VIN tracing he said, "I can see we're going to have a problem". His next statment was-"Snark- what do you do, make these names up?".

Re: NY registration!

Do you have the previous owner's registration? That serves as your title.

You need a bill of sale and previous owner's registration (that says transferable) and that's it!

If there's no registration from the previous owner, you'll have to talk to the dmv about next steps. Technically you should only need a bill of sale and they can do a VIN search, but for some reason they refused to do that on mine so I had to go back to previous owner to obtain the registration.

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These are the forms that you will need:





Also bring your hand-written bill of sale, the pencil rubbing or photo of the VIN, your ID, and money.

The instructions are on form MV-51b.

You can download forms on this page:


More info here:


Re: NY registration!

awesome guys thanks!

Re: NY registration!

first, dan, thanks for the links. second...i'm registering a bike for the first time in new york (manhattan). i have no previous registration, but i do have a bill of sale. i've completed all of the aforementioned, linked forms from head to toe. i'm planning on taking in a polaroid of the vin and a rubbing. anything else i should know going in? be prepared for?

thanks in advance,


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Bring money and your driver's license, too.

And be prepared for the clerks to not know what the hell they're doing.

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Just make sure you fill out all those forms and you should be okay. Although it may take a couple of tries to get your bike registered. The first clerk I got had no clue what he was doing and told me that I filled out a form incorrectly, and that I had to come back another day. Then I went back the next day and just hoped for a more competent clerk...which I got.

Try the 34th street DMV...they're usually pretty good there. Good luck!

Ps. Feel free to come out and ride with M23! We meet up every Tuesday.

Re: NY registration!

thanks for the info guys. regardless of how ridiculous of a process this might end up being, i know it will be well worth it. other than a few vacations back to michigan, i've been sans moped for two years. yes, a foolish length of time, but i just came into possession of a mean, pastel green puch maxi yesterday...and as soon as i get the legalities out of the way, i'd be excited as shit to ride with m23. where do you meet on tuesdays?


Re: NY registration!

We usually meet up at a bar in Brooklyn or Manhattan (usually LES area). Shoot me an email at dansmith@mopedarmy.com and I will get you added to our email list, which is where we post the meet up spot for each week.

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