using other bike parts?

hey just wondering if people on here use other non moped accesory's to customize their i took 2 3in tires from a jesse james chopper bike and mounted them 2 my project's ped's rims and probly will use the same bike's triple tree and bars from another bike.. but what i really want 2 know is if other people do the same stuff.-- or am i just being cheap@?

Re: using other bike parts?

I used handlebars from a mountain bike hybrid to give my old clubman bar look, and I didn't need to do any cutting whatsoever to get it to fit right - unfortunately, I had to cut the grips down a bit but everything fit as it should...

Re: using other bike parts?

There is a fine tradition of being dangerously cheap in all two-wheeled motorsports. I think that other posters might give you an unequivocal "No," but I think there is room to make a judgment call:

My advice is to look at your bike parts, and use only those that are overbuilt.

For example, bicycle handlebars for department store bikes (like the OCC, or Stingray chopper bikes) are heavy, thick steel with generally crappy chrome. You won't be able to break them, or most of the clamps and stems I've seen.

By the same token, the tires they come with (which are way better when used on other, better bikes IMO) are really thin rubber. Even if they fit perfectly, you can actually tear them on road debris. Also, the bottom triple tree clamp on department store choppers is kind of weak, but the top clamp (which is just a brace) is often better than some of the ones that came with original mopeds.

Re: using other bike parts?

I used BMX tires on my Kamasura as that's what it came with but they were horribly out of round.

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