Allstate clutch puller

kim jensen /

I had to tear down the Allstate Trans to get the remnants of the blown piston out of the cranckcase. I got new seals and gaskets form Matt and Motorwest (thanks for all your help Matt!).

Problem is I can't seem to get the clutch off in order to replace the crank seal. I don't suppose anyone has the special tool the manual speaks of??

Any ideas on how to jam the gears without breaking them?

Can I grab the counterweight on the crank without damaging or loosening it?

Gotta get this classic back on the road! NEED TO RIDE!


Re: Allstate clutch puller

Ummm I changed my clutch last year. It's a pisser, but ya don't really need any special tools, and I doubt ya could break those gears too easily!

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