Info on German SOLO moped

Hi, I am new to this forum, so bare with me, I have a 1982 Solo moped, and am wondering if anyone has info to them in English? (I see german on stuff but cant read it?) Also Need a throttle and cable and where the hell in the carborator???


Re: Info on German SOLO moped

Leon Swarmer /

IF it is like this one, it is three inches left of the S.

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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

It's your lucky day! E-mail sent.

Re: Info on German SOLO moped

I'm new to this forum as well, and I just recently purchased a Solo Odyssey. It's a lot of fun to ride, but it's a little difficult to find any info on. In fact, the guy I bought it from insisted it was built by Honda. Is there any brand-specific recommendations or information on water-cooled Solos? Thanks

Re: Info on German SOLO moped

the carb is right behind the crank case under the engine you cann see it in the picture

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Check the moped wiki! I've got a lot of info posted on there. Anything that is not posted just email me. I have 5 solo engine bikes and consider myself nearly an "expert".

Currently my stock Solo engine is going 43mph on flat ground.... with only mild carb and pipe mods. It's a beautiful engine. The only problem is that there are no "bolt on" performance parts available.... It takes skill and (and several parts bikes) to make them fast.....

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Ben Van Zoest /

Interesting engine, planetary gear power transfer case, goes up to 5000rpm must be torquei

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whats a motor for one of these run?

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no groms no blasters /

You can call or write to Solo USA and ask for a moped manual. They sent me a photocopy of the manual for free!

Hey Sethr:

I've overheated my Solo/Columbia twice by idling it for too long. The 'squids are telling me I should take it apart to check the rings and for any "bits" that might be in the cylinder. Before I go yanking it apart, do you, as a Solo expert, think that's necessary?

Re: Info on German SOLO moped

Do you have a pic of your Solo?

Re: Info on German SOLO moped

All air cooled engines including the Solo, which while it has a water jacket and coolant does not have a radiator and a fan to move air through it, will over heat when idled to long.

By overheat what do you mean? Did it start blowing coolant out the head? Or did it start blowing copious amounts of white smoke out the tailpipe? If either of those symptoms happened then your blew your head gasket and will need to replace it.

If it simply "soft seized" maybe its just time to check/change your coolant. You can check the wiki I've got the procedure up.

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