1988 Tomos A3 50

1988 Tomos A3 50.....

has all the original stickers still on it.

3976 miles original build.

Motor was soft seized by then owner, whom was 11yo. Didnt know about mixing. takes premix.

very little rust on it at all, just ten years of dust, cobwebs and the seat storage wwas a home a for mice.


New pedals and the pedal bars need heated up and bent back out.

Cylinder originally thought to be trash is okay, needs cleaned up and painted only.

Piston needs new rings, and gasket kit for engine.

Drivetrain was soft seized as well from ten years of sitting in a shed but with 2 cycle oil and some wd40 I got it spinning with no problem.

Tires need air.

needs various assorted nuts and bolts, appears the nuts for the head were lost in time.

Basic stuff, nothing major at all. I thank the moped Gods for such anawesomne find......an free to boot, just some elbow grease and time.


Re: 1988 Tomos A3 50

after looking at the VIN, it is listed as an A35 TT LX w. kickstart kit........can someone please define this kit start kit?

Is it built in? Like in the drive train so that when I "kick" it back on the pedals it will start?

Re: 1988 Tomos A3 50

Its a pedal start A3 motor like it should have, no a35 or kick start kit. That vin chart is incorrect.

Re: 1988 Tomos A3 50

Actually, it is Kickstart. Once I got to the bottom of the pile of stuph that came with it.....the side gaurds do say kickstart.

I figured out with the chart, you dont go by what the numbers say for sticker on the neck, go by the sticker under the seat. Half the VIN is printed and half is stamped. If you count numbers 5 and 6 of those stamped...you get the number for the chart.

I even tried it out, by holding the piston rod, and kicking back..it makes the gurgle of trying to start.

Re: 1988 Tomos A3 50

The side covers will say kick-start and you do "kick-start" it to start the motor but it is considered a pedal start bike. The pedal start bike has a pedal shaft that runs through the motor and a pedal arm on either side. The kickstart model has no shaft out the right side and has only a folding kick lever on the left. The kickstart model uses foot pegs that mount under the motor as the bike has no pedals to rest ones feet on. Hope that clears up any confusion.

Most A-3 bullets in the states were pedal start because pedals were required by many states, but once in a while you do see a kickstart model bike with no pedals.

Re: 1988 Tomos A3 50

Ah.....very nice. Thank you......dang rules confussing us simples peoples.....aint right. LOL

Re: 1988 Tomos A3 50

I ordered my parts from ML here in Elkhart, 3 days and I should have it running. Gonna have to wait on the tires tho, aint got the cabbage to get them yet.

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