vespa grande restrictor

I have a 79 grande and heard about the restrictor that limits the speed (I have the 25mph grande, but I did replace the carb and exhaust so it goes a little faster than that) can anyone post a pic of what needs to be exactly modified in order to get few more mph out of it? Thanks

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There are no restrictions other than the carburetor. Did you put a 13.13 in there? What kind of exhaust? Did you put a performance air filter on as well?

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I put all that on there, I got the parts from zippy. I thought I read somewhere that there was some type of governor that you could grind off.

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Yaryar, on the outer cone of the variator there's usually a brass band that limits the distance the cone can travel. I've ground it off of grandes before and it didn't seem to make a difference, though I guess it would if one were to make modifications raising the maximum power output of the engine, thus forcing the variator to close farther...

Hmm, heavier weights, perhaps??

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Vespas are gloriously frustrating and lovely!!!

bon chance

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Re: vespa grande restrictor

Yeah, forgot about that one...grind it and add a pit on both ends, or buy the Malossi or Polini variator. I put a the Malossi on mind and it added a couple mph top end.

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Also some vespas are held at there speed by gearing but that is usually the 20mph one, maybe the 25 i forget, ericca from one of the gangs on here knows

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and by gearing i don't mean the variator i mean the trans

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