Tomos Moped Experts - HELP NEEDED PLEASE


I know nothing about Mopeds, other than we would like one for our 14 yr old son. My friend has the following moped (picture attached). We know it is a Tomos and the engine indicates Tomos SP. The face plate is gone over the engine and we cannot locate the VIN/Seriel Number. We've looked everywhere. Where is it typically located? Also, does anyone know what model this is? My friend's daughter received it around 1980, but she said it was used when they received. She assumes it is a late 70's model.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you!


Tomos Moped Experts - HELP NEEDED PLEASE

Click on my "verified user name". Mine is a 1980 Tomos Bullet. Vin tag should be on the fame up near the seat. Solid bike, 2 speed automatic. Yours looks to be a late 70's early 80's A-3 I would assume. I paid 500 for mine and worth every penny. Hope that helps. Click on the photo tag up top and scroll down to tomos and find a similar bike I am sure there is one posted.

Re: Tomos Moped Experts - HELP NEEDED PLEASE

I don't think the speedometer was mounted on the headlight in one piece until 80.

I think they started the chrome rack in 80 also.

It's also the same time they started transitioning to a thicker seat.

I have seen 1980's models with the thin one though.

I would guess 1980 a3 bullet.

Re: Tomos Moped Experts - HELP NEEDED PLEASE

That looks a lot like my 1980 Tomos Bullet. The VIN is also stamped on the engine right by the carb.

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