Fucking craigslist idiots

So I called a guy last night, half hour after his craigslist ad went up. He says "call me back tommorow morning, around 9:30." So I called him back, right at 9:30. "Oh someone else is coming to look at it in 20 minutes." WHAT THE FUCK?! I could've come to look at it an hour ago but because I followed his instructions someone else is gonna buy it. Fucking idiot.

Re: Fucking craigslist idiots

yea the game is tough. be persistent next time.

Re: Fucking craigslist idiots

Patrick Mattison /

hi do you have the car?

i think it's sold.

well do you have it?

Re: Fucking craigslist idiots

If i could of made it there in around 20 minutes, i would have got there and if even if the other person was there i would made the owner sell it to me. Could you have got there before you think it would have sold? It sometimes takes an hour before someone agrees to buy a moped once they get there.

Re: Fucking craigslist idiots

If it was something really awesome maybe I woulda rushed there to fight for it, but it was just a super cheap Kinetic and I'm a sucker for a $40 moped regardless of what kind.

I'm also kinda pissed that there was a 1962 Honda Cub 50 moped in good condition for $125 yesterday, and I missed out on that too.

Re: Fucking craigslist idiots

Someone probably called him early this morning, and as flaky as most people who answer craigslist can be, I'm sure he was just playing the odds and told the guy to come right over. No dibs on craigslist.

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