Bobbie now owns a Tomos!

Hi Gang,

Well we'll be bringing two bikes with us to the Dragon!.. Bobbie & I just bought her a 1998 Tomos Targa. It's in fairly good condition and it's the prettiest green she ever saw.

It was part of a rental fleet on Martha's Vineyard, MA. The speedo doesn't work so it's got something over 10,300 miles on it. It was in fairly poor cosmetic condition but mechanically ran real well. I cleaned it all up for her this afternoon and tightened the steering head bearing, adjusted the chain, aired up the tires and adjusted the headlight. I have to get the taillight/brakelight working tomorrow and install the turn signals which they took off on day one at the rental place. But other than that, it's in ridable condition and didn't cost us an arm & a leg. I think it'll do just fine for her first motor-bike.



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