what is the normal top speed of an 82 motobecane?

what is it supposed to do?Is the V faster than the L?

Re: what is the normal top speed of an 82 motobeca

look on the lable on the head tube. There you will find whether it is a 20,25 or 30 mph rated bike. if it says 30, with a little bit of tning up you should be able to get 35mph out of it. Read around, there are at least 3 distict kind of cylinders, slow, fast and semi-fast. Elliot wrote a nice pictorial article on the differences between the slow and the fast cylinders. Ignore everything else that you might find, read, hear. Its all and only in the shape of the port windows, some may say there is a magic nmber on the side of the cylinder that will tell you how fast it is, yeah right, my fast cylinder has a slow magic number, my semi-fast cylinder has a fast magic number and so does my slow cylinder. To find out for sure you need to take the jug off the bottom end. and look inside

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