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First of all .... Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! etc, etc, etc.....

Now, my parents got me some tools for Christmas, but I'm not sure about the spark plug socket. I don't have my moped here at my parents, so I'm wondering if anyone out there knows the right size for a spark plug socket for a standard Minarelli engine moped.

Also, I was wondering if a pair of robo grips would serve just as well as an adjustable crescent wrench. Any ideas would be great to know.

Thanks! And I hope everyone is having a very wonderful holiday season!

Re: tools question

yeah i think the spark plug size is 13/16 but im not sure. thats what my tomos is but i could be wrong for u.

merry christmas


Re: tools question

Robo Grips are great tools. However, nothing can ever replace the proper tool. If you attempt to use robo grips on a very tight nut, you can end up stripping it. (You can do this with a crescent wrench as well if its a cheap wrench and a tight nut.) While Robo Grips will probably work in most cases, you really should use the proper tool for the job.


Re: tools question

There are 3 standard sizes for sparkplugs, the A, B and C sizes. So if there's a sparkplug socket with those tools then it's a standard one. Most vehicels use the B-size, cars, most mopeds, most heavier vehicles too, so most toolboxes have the B-size plugsocket. The c-sparkplug is smaller, Honda uses this size for it's 4-stroke mopeds, I haven't seen them on any other brand of moped so far. The A-sparkplug is a lot bigger and is hardly ever used, maybe some supersized trucks have them.

I ride a Honda SS50, wich is a fourstroke moped, and I had a really hard time finding a c-sized sparkplug-socket, I think it's a safe bet to say the socket in your toolbox will fit perfectly.

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