ot sad no ride yet!

I just want to whine a bit, My motobecane is dissassembled for new mounts, and my hobbit is locked safely away in my gf's garage...she is out of town for now and I want to ride sooooooooo bad! POOP! The last few times I have been out there it was either raining or too cold to bother starting her up, (the moped) I wants to ride! F-me! Okay rant over! thanks for pretending to care! love you all and as always best of luck!

Re: ot sad no ride yet!

yeah i wanna ride 2 mine I just need to find my carb idk where i put it

Re: ot sad no ride yet!

keller_stephen /

mine carb is attatched firmly to my engine, the prob is my bike is locked in a garage that right now I have no access to! F-me! (whining continued)

Re: ot sad no ride yet!

kim jensen /

I know the feeling. Gorgeous day today!

Got the Grande running right, but not at usual speed.

The Allstate trans is apart and I can't get the clutch off the damn thing to replace the last seal!

Between yard work, car work, work work and little league.....

Ped work unfortunately comes last.


ot sad no ride yet!

I rode all over this weekend and even bought another ped. Just thought I would rub some dirt in your wounds, lol. You will be back soon. the summer weather hasn't even started yet anyways.

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