story time!

So for months I have been pounding away on my Tomos to figure out why when I kicked it over it was running WOT throttle ever time since I put on my Airsal kit. I had all brand new gaskets and new carb. I thought maybe my intake wasnt tight enough causing an air leak, or something. I used the old carb cleaner spray trick and discovered it was coming from there. So I took the engine apart, tightened the bolts like heck, then put it back together. Still the same problem. I tried it again and this time put copper gasket sealer on the gaskets. Still nothing. So finally about after the fifth time of taking the engine apart, I'm thinking my new gaskets were bad, I took another new one and when I put it on I noticed that the gasket overlaped the reeds just slightly. So I trimmed it accordingly and what do you know it stopped the WOT condition.

But it was still running a little high on idle, so then I did the carb cleaner trick again and realized i was missing that little rubber thing on the inside of the carb where it attaches to the intake. And on today, on this day of days, I got it running finally, and I took it out for a ride even as it started pouring rain, and it was the best feeling in the world even though it hurt. And it made me realize how much I truly love mopeds.

Re: story time!

is that not awesome? getting an old bike back on the road again? I suffered for almost half a year getting my Hobbit carb right, but once it was it runs like a swiss watch! Hell only 4 cleanings...f me but so worth it, it still starts out of winter storage after only turning over a few times! patience young jedi! ride you will!

Re: story time!

story time story time my favorite!

is there milk and cookies?

then nappy time after?

tell me more tell me more! :D

Re: story time!

yeah. it took me about a year to do almost a complete rebuild to a 77 motobecane i had, and i never even got it running perfect. eventually i sold it. But im excited to pick up a puch or two this summer to start a collection. At least now ill have something to ride while i work on the others.

Re: story time!

There may be shots and beers, lol and for sure nappy is fun!

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