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The new Ebay Motors - Is there any way to completely avoid this blue abortion? I hate it - the regular Ebay Motors was fine and didn't need this godawful "improvement". Is there any way to "Switxh back to the old Ebay Motors" permanantly? If there's a way to avoid having to switch back over and over and over (which has to be done several times a day sometimes) and just have the nice old regular version appear unprompted please, for the love of sanity, let me know.

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I wish I could help

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) Cupermcnewbster ( /

yea there is a button somewhere on the top bar which says "switch back" or something.

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i hate it so much, i'm glad there are more who agree

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Cleats Onionpockets /

How about that part where they don't show you how far away something is unless you click on it? I really like this moped! I'm a little excited! Where's it located? No distance, guess I'll have to click on it...dammit, 700 miles away. Wish I'd known that from the start....

That's my first and last experience with the "new" ebay motors. I just set it back to classic when I go there now.

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OMG, I just got this link:



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Q is this vehicle suitable for space and/or time travel?

A It depends on your pilot skills good luck

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