Speedbump + Spokes = :(

Ok so i just fixed my exhaust problem i finished the flame jod and went out and got thoose TireFly things that go on your air intake on the tire, its about 1 am im riding around and i decide to cut through the high school parking lot to go to town (Bad Idea) so im going 20 i speed up to 27 and i forgot about the speedbump (its Black because it been there since the begining of time) any way i try to slow down but to no avale i hit the bump at 25 (i can hear the bike as it hits the ground really hard) and pop out of no where A biker cop

shows up .......... in the end i broke 4 spokes on my back wheel my exhaust pipe is going to need more work and the front tire broke 1 spoke and i got yealed at by a cop. So do i replace the entire wheel or try to find a replacment spoke , how safe is the bike to ride ??

thanks jair (1980 columbia)

Re: Speedbump + Spokes = :(

You can buy spokes...

Re: Speedbump + Spokes = :(

...it may be somewhat hard,... to find someone to 'true' the wheel for you....i had a hell of a time...and it anit cheap!!!

Re: Speedbump + Spokes = :(

get a couple of rims off of some junkers somewhere...


Reeperette /

I feel your pain...I nailed one at 25mph myself last week cause they didn't leave any warning...WHAMMO.

Having prolly the heaviest-built moped here, it didn't break any spokes, the shock being split between four shocks and three wheels, but damn it rattled my poor brains in the pan.

You can either replace the spokes and have the wheels trued up, or replace the rims.....depending on the condition of the rims - you might be able to get away with just replacing the spokes, but I would avoid riding it till ya do.

Missing one spoke, not gonna cause any harm right away, so yer good, but four ? Ground that puppy till you can replace em, ok ?



if you broke spokes and hit the bump that hard you probably bent both rims

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