4 strokeing ??

I am new to the moped. What is ment by a 2 stroke motor 4 stroking ?

It is a term I have never heard before.

Re: 4 strokeing ??

Tom... click on the "search" feature..... type in ...(( 4 stroking ))... and increase the search scope to 60 days... then read what has already been written

Re: 4 strokeing ??

Thank you Fred. The red writeing in the gray strip doesn't show up to the old mans eyes, I didn't see the search feature.

4 stroking seams to be a lot of guessing, but no facts.

I just found this site, It is very good.

Re: 4 strokeing ??

I feel I know a lot about motors... but I'll tell you.. when somebody asked that here.. I started to answer.. but I couldn't.

I know it happens when there is too much fuel to the air (it's rich).. but a scientific explanation as to why it is firing every other stroke (or more?) when there is too much fuel escapes me...luckily you can get rid of 4 stroking at the top end by leaning out the fuel to air ratio by putting in a smaller jet..even if you don't know why it is happening.

Re: 4 strokeing ??

Thanks alot Fred. I have been a mechanic for about 55 years, but mostly Heavy eqp. The Detroit Diesel is the only 2 cycle with much exp. I am about get a new education. That is what life is all about. I will put in a smaller jet. thanks.

Re: 4 stroking ??

A clogged muffler or silencer on the exhaust can also cause something similar to 4 stroking.

And no matter what.. always watch the spark plug color when making changes to airflow or fuel flow.. too lean can lead to seizure.

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