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While we're on the topic, you guys should check out my parody of the Westboro Baptist Church.

The Eastboro Baptist Church is in a constant struggle to be more hate filled than their rivals on the Westside.

Re: God hates fags

are people really this dense?

I'm shocked o.O;

They really don't get it?

Re: God hates fags

Linda, you are hilarious.

Re: God hates fags

Yeah, I totally understand how this being close to home for you could make it uncomfortable rather than funny. If you have to look at these signs personally the joke is probably just a disturbing reminder of this lunatic and his crazed followers. Try not to let it bother you though, I was a bit uncomfortable with some of the rally adds but knowing the people they came from (as much as one can on the interweb) helps a lot. None of these people here hate anyone who hasn't done them specific harm. Besides, you know it's only a matter of time until Phelps is caught in a motel room with a male porn star and a shaved sheep covered in Vaseline.

Re: God hates fags

kim jensen /

Hilarious! Exactly my point wiffleball!


Re: God hates fags

i thought god just hated fucking and fun in general. thats no fucking fun.

Re: God hates fags

God, on the other hand, loves Ugly.

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Re: God hates fags

was that made in the columbia college animation dept? woof.

Re: God hates fags

could have been, but probably an MCAD student, considering it's atmosphere.

not the best video, but one of my fave songs from them.

Re: God hates fags

dont worry, im pretty sure FAGS Hate GOD back.

hahah limp wrist is awesome and have shirts that say that.


Re: God hates fags

Hey! I work in the Columbia Animation Department.

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