whats this part called? vespa grande

Steven Whitright /

Okay so when we were switching frames on my 79 Vespa Piaggio Grande we stripped the threads on the shaft where the frame attaches to the front steering/handlebars/tire/etc.

I have no clue what to call the part. The forks are fine. the handlebars are fine. I just need to replace the stem where the threads are where the frame (with loose bearings on it) attaches to the front column.

First off - what is this part called? Anyone know? Second - where can I get a replacement? Does anyone have one they can sell me? Thanks so much! The bike is literally ready to be put back together and this snag stops the whole process :( its my first one and I am super excited! THANKS!

P.S. the picture isn't mine, I don't have my camera with me, and it was the best illustration of the part that i could find online. The piece in question is the circled part - and the center big stem is what we screwed up.


Re: whats this part called? vespa grande

lower triple tree

Re: whats this part called? vespa grande

Vimy Ridgeway /

Zippymopeds.com. Bill is a great guy and a wealth of helpful information.

Re: whats this part called? vespa grande

Edward Richardson /

Ze part is usually refered to as ze "Stem" which iz inzerted into ze "Head Tube".

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