Magnum v2

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

The bike

50cc Korado Cylinder

Magnum X Bendy intake (17mm to 13mm)

19mm Dellorto PHBG racing carb

Simonini Pipe

16x36 gearing

So yea, after trouble with the polini, I've temporarily ditched it and returned to 50cc's. The bike also got some paint on it, but it didn't work that great and gas is eating the tank. V3 coming soon.

Highlighted are my modifications to the forks. I used the standard MKII hydraulic triple tree and made my own stabilizer bar for added strength. Paired with the M29's, this thing handles better than every other moped I've ridden. Super grippy and stable.

People though 19mm was too big for the korado cylinder, and I believe this proves them wrong. I have awesome low end, and its currently topping out at like 45ish on flats on a non-ported, and poorly case-matched bottom end. I feel if I enlarged the exhaust port and ported the intake, some craziness might happen. 50 easily (as this will do that downhill no problem).

Simonini paired with this is also quite nice. I have good low end, and the pipe actually kicks in pretty good around 30ish and keeps pulling. With 18x36 it just kept accelerating, so I put on the 16 for a bit more low end and to get the rpms up.

Overall I'm very happy. Its still a little ugly, but v3 will make up for that with powdercoating and some other cool stuff. Hopefully you all like it.

Re: Magnum v2

very nice. Impressed with the performance numbers.

50/50 bike no prob eh?

I love the semi ratty look.

Re: Magnum v2

) CuperAWESOMO ( /

Looking good Zack. I get to pick up my magnum tomorrow. Hopefully i can make it fast and awesome. I have an urge to port out my tccd.

Re: Magnum v2

customcuperteenswelding, yourwelcome.

Re: Magnum v2

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

cuperteenie welding for shizzle.

yea so I topped it out at 45 tonite. It was actually reving pretty high and was quite quick off the line. I think 18x36 might be ok off the line, but I don't really need the top speed when I'm riding with the usual pack. Still fast/fastest as it.

Super sick and super reliable! Just needs a smaller idle jet for idling. It floods off the line if you don't throttle just right. I'm stoked!

Re: Magnum v2

lookin good son. still think you should have gone yellow and black, but all black looks slick too.

Re: Magnum v2

Zack Rineer /

hey man... i have a magnum mkII... where is the park plug wire on these things?? mine is not on there but two wires are cut... im thinking the spark plug wires attaches there but help!

Re: Magnum v2

this magnum is looking awesome!!!

Am loking for a magnum, any recommendations of where to look? Cheers!

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