Little help with Sachs please.

Can someone describe something for me, or beeter yet, take a picture of it for me. I have a Sachs Eagle 2, and im looking at the exhaust mount. Can someone take a pic of their exhaust mount for me? The part is the bar that holds the muffler on. I think mine is bent. Does the bolt go through the hole straight up and down? Or does the hole go sideways? Can someone post a couple of pics from different angles?

Also, can someone get a pic of the choke lever on their sachs?

Re: Little help with Sachs please.

post a picture of yours

Re: Little help with Sachs please.

OK, Good Idea

Re: Little help with Sachs please.

OK, Here it is. Both these pics were taken with the Camera perfecly Perp with the Ground. Notice the angle of the mount. Is it supposed to be flat? sideways? Or up and down? or is it right? As it sits, the pedal rubs on the exhaust. You can see the poor weld job from the previous owner where it connects to the Frame. Perhaps I should just try to get a replacement bar; One that hasnt been broken and rewelded. But i wonder if I could find one.

Also, is it possible that the angle of the mount is correct, and it just sits too far from the rear wheel, or too high off the ground. You can tell its height in the photo. Its about even with the very bottom of the frame where the stand connects. You can also tell its distance from the wheel.

If someone could look at their bike, and give me a quich heads up as to what is wrong, i would really apreciate it.


Re: Little help with Sachs please.

It looks like it may be bent out a little. If you need to bend it to make the muffler clear the pedals, bend it.

Bending is free, I don't know how much a "new" one would cost, if you could even find one.

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