Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

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Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

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Thats some funny shit!!

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

Got to be a Brit. I'm still wiping the tears from my eyes. I'd buy it right now just because of the description. Too bad he's on the other side of the pond.

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

OMG that's a F'N RIOT!!!!!! I want to meet whomever did that item description!

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

"The tyres are flat but only at the bottom"

"I won't sell to any Nigerians offering a million pounds in exchange for my bank details as quite frankly trying to out run an angry mob of ripped off people on this contraption would result in you being caught pretty sharpish. Unless you offer to video it and stick it on youtube, in which case bid away."

hahahahahahahahahahaha lol

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

Hahaha awesome i love it

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

Can someone please post the questions and responses in that ebay ad, absolutely hilarious.

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

Steve Williams /

Q: hi my man..silly question for fast is it downhill head down with a brisk gale..?..cheers..henry crund.... 31-May-08

A: You are correct in that it is a silly question. How am I supposed to estimate the speed without knowing the gradient of the hill, direction of the wind or for that matter what the strength of the wind is? At a guess though I would estimate that it would be somewhere between 0mph and 'oh my god I can't stop with these drum brakes'. I hope this is vague enough to satisfy your sense of stupidity.

Q: can I pay by cheque? 31-May-08

A: Prefer cash but a cheque would have to clear before pick up, esp on this high value item.


A: Using the wonders of modern technology it comes up on a route planner as 43.8 miles thats 70.5kms or 350.5 furlongs. Hope that helps.

Q: From the other side of the pond we have admired your literary skills and just wanted to let you know that I would truely like to have that hard tail puch, just wish it wasn't so expensive to ship. 31-May-08

A: I don't have a pond so I am confused as to how I could be the other side of it, are you sure its not just a large puddle caused by all the rain recently? Two stroke mopeds may have been the cause of 'climate change' resulting in rain during the glorious british summer. Therefore the puddle (or pond) may have been caused by this particular moped. The irony of it all.

Q: juat had to say that your add is truley brill!!! made me laugh so much i cried bless you i hope you get a great price for your moped!!! and i hope you sell many more items just so i can read about them!! you made my day thanks!! kind regards Sukiemem 29-May-08

A: It can't be that 'brill' as a bidding war is yet to break out. Perhaps if I mention the word 'oil' more times in the ad then George Bush may start a war of some sort for me. Please be patient on the more items front as I have tons of rubbish to dispose of in the near future.I very much doubt that any of it will be as entertaining as this item though as it has a character all of its own. If you have never ridden a puch I don't think you will go to your grave complete. However if you try and stop on one then you may go to your grave quicker than you would like.

Q: Hello I have been trying to get one of this in the US for a while. Would you consider disassembling it and shipping to the US all I want is the engine frame,and rims please say you will I will pay you for your work. Thanks 29-May-08

A: After spending many hours putting it back together I would find it a travesty to have to take it apart again, the mental anguish may just push me over the edge. I would suggest you fly over and ride it back to the states but I have a suspicion that there may be a volume of water to cross. Do Puch Maxi's float? If the bike isn't sold I may try and find out by launching it off the orwell bridge to float test it. Perhaps I should have put on my ad PICK UP ONLY to save confusion about posting the bike.

Q: Does it wheelie? 29-May-08

A: It won't power wheelie I'm sorry to say. However, with added ballast to the top box you can fine tune the balance point so that a quick tug on the handle bars brings the front up. How I know this is not open to discussion but I can confirm this works please note that this would likely be the only thing quick about this moped.

Q: Hello from sunny Lagos. I am one of the few people in Nigeria whose rich Uncle hasn't died and left me millions. Oh no, I won the lottery instead. However, in order for me to get hold of the

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

awe man i'd pick this baby up if it wassn't 3hrs away.

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

Lil MotoGuzzi Vert /

Wouldn't the exchange rate make it prohibitively expensive?

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

That luggage Box on the Back is Awesome. Ive nere seen anything like that. It looks like it was made to fit the Maxi. I just asked him if it was homeade or if it was an actuall accesory. He probobly wont know, or answer my questions seriously. Anyways, I offered him $80.00 for it.

Re: Someone is playing ebay jokes again...

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