My new puch is running! Somehow!

So, I bought this puch from the dude at scooter therapy, who has been nothing but cool to me and I recommend doing biz with them whenever possible, for 75 bucks. All he knew is the engine was seized. I took it home, hung it plug hole up, dumped a bunch of shit down the plug hole, strapped a vinrator to it and left it over night. In the morning it was more free but the fly wheel still wasn't turning, so I put a power handle on a socket, got a long piece of pipe and sprayed wd40 and pb blaster in every little nook I could find. At first I had to like stand on the bar to get like a cm of movement, then back and forth and back and forth, getting a little more motion each time. Finally I got it to turn all the way around, and kept working it. So I put it on the stand and turned the peddle and it made the right wubwubwubwubwuwwuuubwuuubbbb sound en engine without compression makes. So I bought a new plug, got some lead substitute, mixed up a gallon of lead/2cycle/gas drained the old shit via the primer and filled it up. Rolled it down the hill, it was turning over but nothing else. Checked the spark and it was mega strong. So I pulled the carb to clean it and there was like oatmeal or some crazy shit in the float bowl. So I cleaned out the whole carb, rolled it, squeezed the handle half way down the hill, and it was like gulllllllalalalalallllallallalallalubalubahhabhbhbbhbhbhbhBHBHBH

and I was like YYYEEESSSS and it spat out some thick nasty smoke for a while then chilled out, then I add some extry 2 stroke to help get some extry lube in the system. Now, I have some JB weld drying on a slight leak where the two pieces of pipe meet. I am sooo fucking pumped. 75 bucks plus like 7 dollars worth of sprays and vibrators and a plug and lead sub and I have a working puch maxi luxe high torque. Sorry this was so long, but I am just so pumped.

Re: My new puch is running! Somehow!

Wait wait wait, you "strapped" a "vibrator" (i'm presuming a typo) to your moped to unseize it? that's... that's amazing.

Other things to point out that aren't just me being a smart ass:

1. You can ignore the "no unleaded gas" sticker. That's not relevant to today's modern pump gas. use regular unleaded.

2. You may have unseized your top end enough to get it to run, but those rings are probably in desperate need of replacement. They're cheap, toss some new rings and gaskets on that puppy.

3. Check the trans fluid. Fill with fresh Type-F ATF up to the fill hole.

Re: My new puch is running! Somehow!

Ok good to know, and not a typo. The dollar store had vibrators. If anyone wants them they are at the dollar tree in Madison wisconsin on the corner of whitney way and odana road. I mean "massagers".

Re: My new puch is running! Somehow!

George Smith /

why cant i ever find anything like that around here lol

Re: My new puch is running! Somehow!

Pablo Puchasso /

^^ You mean the bike or the vibrator? ha.

Re: My new puch is running! Somehow!


You actually typed "vinrator" at first, hence, typo.

Re: My new puch is running! Somehow!

yeah, I drink. In my family we call alcoholism "the heirloom."

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