To Garelli Supersport owners

So, mike and I (from st. louis's I.R.E.) recently got a garelli supersport lx at Kalamazoo. We got it from a guy named Jethro out of the back of his pickup truck for a hundred bucks.

Now before you go and say "holy shit! a hundred bucks?!" just know that we got what we paid for.

I recently filed myself a new woodruff key for it. The nut on the flywheel has fucked up threads so it was all loose, thus the key sheared. Does anybody know where I can get a replacement nut? The key and the nut both don't match other garelli engines we have lying around.

Also, is there a bar on which the tank rests on? I looked at the frame, and I feel like there should be a support bar running from the fork to the seat, but instead it's just the tank that is attached on the seat and the fork.

Right now all I've got is compression, I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my spark right now, and then maybe it'll pop.

Thanks for any help. I'm really excited to get this thing running and then after that, flying.

Re: To Garelli Supersport owners

ssxl's are fun. I'm assuming the other Garelli's you've got lying around are Gulp style with the verticle engine. That nut is an M9 in 1.0 pitch, as in, non-exsistent. Only place I've gotten them is blown up engines and Mopedjunkyard. if the threads on the crank are fucked, you might try recutting them to an M8 which you can get anywhere.

There is no top bar, it's just like it appears. You should check the bracket that supports the tank and seat, the welds that hold it to the frame tube often fail, which can lead to your seat and tank collapsing inward.

as for spark, the simplest running wiring for an NOI is black to HT, blue to ground, yellow doesn't matter.

If you need parts, email me. I've got shit I need to get rid of. Also, verticle engine parts are not interchangeable with horizontal, at least not in any useful way.

Re: To Garelli Supersport owners

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I still own 30% of that bike. Can I read 30% of this thread?

Re: To Garelli Supersport owners

And if you get frustrated and want to sell it, e-mail me.

My heart has been yearning for a super sport.

Re: To Garelli Supersport owners

Hello.. I have a Garelli Super Sport LTD 1979.. I love the bike.. just reading your post you say that you sell parts?? I may need a High Tension Coil... the cable rusted and seperated from the spark plug boot cap.. I'm trying to figure out all of what I need to replace.. Hav'nt taken it apart yet, just looking at the service manual..

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