Re: machinist price gouging

should have sent it to me. i would have done it for free. XD

Re: machinist price gouging

Nah nah I'm KEEPING my Honda, after this payment I'm going to ride the heck out of it. Tiki I'll keep you in mind next time I need work like this done and I don't already have the tools, not forgetting to tip you of course :D

Re: machinist price gouging


if youre going to do this moped stuff you have to get

smart if you want to get your work done.

do it yourself if you can. buy a drill press. buy a vise.

do as much as you can.

for the other stuff you have to get crafty.

since i am into motorcycles and scooter and mopeds i

always need stuff done.

for small welding jobs go to your local muffler shop.

the nastier the better. go to the welder and show him

what you need. pay him cash right there.

where i live there are a bunch of retired airline

machinists. these old guys live on doing small jobs out

of their own sheds.

my guy has a bore machine and a lathe and a press

and everything.

he bores for me for $20.00. does valve jobs.

welds and fabricates. he is 81 years old and i will be

sad when he goes away.

get smart

dont go to the pros.....go to the retired pros

Re: machinist price gouging

"...he bores me for $20.00."

Many laughs. See, I am very hard to bore.

I once bought a few pints of acid from an auto-parts store, and completely didn't need it at all. I guess I just went a little spend crazy, and thought I'd dump out the contents of a battery, then refill it fresh.

That's not how windmills work, if you will pardon the expression.

A few years later I realized that 1) I put the cardboard carton of sulfuric acid in with the cleaning supplies in my kitchen, and 2) that I moved out of that apartment a long time before.

I really hope that the next tenants figured that one out the easy way.

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