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"Not going to argue, but IMO, that would convert it to a noped. You would get ticketed for it in my state if a cop caught you with no pedals and a moped plate. Peace. Jerry."

technically true^^ lol i'm glad i don't live in ur state haha like cops know what a noped and moped are lolz.

IMO unspoken rules are as follows:

I think it should have a moped bottomend, no small scoot or motorcycle motors attached even if they r 50cc. the frame should be a moped frame.. but custom frames are ok (aka romeo thunderhawk etc.) looks like other mopeds in general

as for pedals i think it should have come with them originally at least unless its like a fa50 or a dinky noped, who is gonna say they can't be in the mix they are exactly the same as far as motors and speed but without pedals and they r not scooters.

gears.. if the moped came with gears even a shifter (i.e. sachs 2 speed) fine or a variator thats ok too, these both have as many drawbacks as they are any advantage in the moped world. there is a reason the fastest bikes are almost always 1 speeds. no multi geared motors from non mopeds tho. non usa euro models are ok but they should have pedals thru the crankcase if they are over 2 gears...basically call em how u see em.

it can't be a "pocketbike" (too small to sit on), YSR/mini bike (mini motorcycle many gears and clutch), go-ped (stand or sit realy high off a floorboard, tiny wheels), motorcycle/dirtbike (many gears and clutch, no pedals), or scooter (well if u don't know the difference between a moped and a scooter..ha)

O yeah not a honda cub..passport (the #1 selling bike in the world deserves its own classification)

when u see it its a moped by general consensus of other moped riders. ex. i would consider a moped frame with a honda cub 90 motor on it not a moped, and the same ped with a 3 speed minerelli moped motor from Italy and an 90 minerelli kit a moped. even if the latter could spank the cub motor.

all this can be summed up when any experienced tuner takes one glance at a ped it's alot harder to put it into words.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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