NYS DMV does one right!

Just a little update, finally got everything corrected - after 1 hour of the supervisor calling Albany and back and forth.

I now have a Class B moped registration that has been corrected from MAJ to Sachs.

What they told me is that back in the day, all mopeds were considered ATVs. This one never got it's reg updated when the laws were changed to have Moped classes and the 2nd owner simply re-registered it as an ATV and tinkered around with it in his garage not really ever going anywhere so he didn't know the difference.

But it's all been fixed. I'm shocked honestly, I thought for sure they were going to come up with some obscure odd thing for why I couldn't fix all that.

Incidentally, what make would MAJ even be?!

Re: NYS DMV does one right!

fish_SHARK /

first off, wow shinny bike! strange that they had them classified as ATVs. congrats on the accomplishment, get on the road!!

Re: NYS DMV does one right!

That's great, Liz! Glad to hear that you got your bike totally legal.

Since day one, I've been trying to figure out what MAJ would be, but I can't think of anyhting.

Re: NYS DMV does one right!

Cool, good deal!

My guess for MAJ, is _Motorized Activated Jawdropper_, but I bet I'm wrong.

Re: NYS DMV does one right!

Larry Picarello /

You should have gone for the class "c" - no insurance required, no inspection required, helmet optional, $5 yearly registration.

Re: NYS DMV does one right!

They had to come out and see the bike, which very clearly says 30mph rated on it, to check the vin since the make on the registration was wrong.

class b is only $10 and i'd rather have the insurance for the inevitable when someone crashes into me anyway...

is my bike really that shiney? haha

Re: NYS DMV does one right!

i am thoroughly astounded!

i was never able to register my moped here in NY cuz the vin sticker was missing etc. etc. DMV gave me such a hard time wanting me to go thru various inspections, and have tons of non-existant sales slips, and to have me pay hundreds for all of their requirements to have it registered as a custom built vehicle with a new vin #, when it was a stock tomos bullet with a missing sticker. It all became so unreasonable that after two years of trying to get it straightened out, i didn't actually want to try anymore.

congrats on being one of the rare few people NYS DMV ever did right by!

Re: NYS DMV does one right!

Wow, that sucks. Maybe one of our friends here in another state with easier moped laws can help you out to get you a transferrable title...

I am lucky in that both the Sachs badge/sticker are still there as long with the frame of the bike having the same VIN stamped into it. So it was easy to prove, just no one understands how it was registered as "MAJ" to begin with.

I made sure to go to the satellite office though, where the people are nicer!

Re: NYS DMV does one right!

good to hear you got it sorted out.

Re: NYS DMV does one right!

Larry Picarello /

In N.Y., it all depends on who you get and the attitude they have at the time. I've sucessfully registered many mopeds as "class C" bike with the help of some nice middle-aged ladies. I was totally shut down last time however by Trekkie wearing his official Starfleet pin who said "I can see we're going to have a problem" as I produced a rubbing of the serial number. His next statement was " Snark- what do you do, make these names up?"

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