is anyone familiar whit the

Malaguti f 12 phantom?

i have an opportunity to buy one

it's a 2005 ( i think) very few miles on it

asking price is 1800.00

i can't find too much on Internet that states average prices.

( for this price i get the scooter, helmet, glasses, new battery and a cover)

it is liquid cooled.

( is liquid cooled better the air cooled?)sorry i am new to small engines.

how readily available are repair parts?

Re: Malaguti

asking price is 1800.00

for that price u could get a new toms with all the speed parts u wanted

Re: Malaguti

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

That is a scooter. This site deals speficially with mopeds. You can ask on and you'll likely get a better response.

Also, people are likely to be jerks to you for asking about a scooter on a moped site. Just fair warning.

But to me $1800 is waaaay too much for anything. I could buy 6 to 10 mopeds with that kind of money. Or buy one 3 and restore them. Or buy 3 and make them go crazy fast.

If you're looking for a way to get around without doing any real work, get a scooter. If you want something you will have to work on and bond with, get a moped.

Re: Malaguti

ok sorry guys,

did not mean to offend anyone with a scooter question.

admins- ( you can delete this post)

Re: Malaguti

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

No offense taken. I just wanted to warn you that some people on here are real hostile to scooter people. That's all.

I don't like them personally, but I have no problem with other people riding them. I traded my 50cc scooter for my Puch Magnum and my Maxi though. But really, enjoy whatever you're riding.

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