Just incase others dont know.

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SO i have a Turbo Miata, and we do have a forum. Lots of interesting topics. New member recently poured Head Gasket Repair into his Crankcase, not his coolant system. Basically Failed Entire engine.. ANYHOW> it has turned into one EPIC post 24,000+ views in less than 1 week.

Feel free to join and give this guy a rant. We just like giving someone a hard time sometimes especially if we all can learn from it.


add to the fun or humor of it all.


Just incase others dont know.

Hahaha, I saw that on ziptied.com

Re: Just incase others dont know.


Re: Just incase others dont know.

Стев Браун /

I caught this on Honda-Tech.com.

Can't believe it made it here. :D

Re: Just incase others dont know.

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Give the poor guy a break . My brother drained his oil to do an oil change, forgot to put the new oil in. He still can't live it down. Jim

Re: Just incase others dont know.

I have to agree. It may sound funny to others, but there is nothing funny about destroying your engine because of a stupid mistake. I once built a VW engine, took my time and did everything right, got all the clearances spot on, and was about to put it in the car, when I discovered I had left out a critical internal part. Installing this part required tearing the whole engine down, and splitting the cases. I was pissed. I just let it set there for a couple of months while I debated whether to junk it and buy a storebought rebuilt engine, or tear it all down again. I had already spent several hundred on it, so one day, I finally decided to go ahead and start working on it. I was still pretty upset, but as I worked on it, my attitude changed, and I decided that I was going to do it even better the second time. It turned out great, but it sure caused me a lot of grief. Anybody can make a simple mistake. Fortunately this was my own engine, making a mistake like that at work that wasted that much time would have gotten me written up. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Just incase others dont know.

Oh my. Internet forum rubbernecking. I didn't see that coming.

Jerry, what part did you leave out? It'll bug me 'till I know, then I probably won't care anymore.

"Well, thank goodness that's finished. Hmmm. I wonder what this domed aluminum cup thing is..."

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