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I was just wondering if anyone has seen the thing on ebay that says..."how to get free motorbike, moped, bike scooter". Is this some sort of scam or something? Just curious to see what you all thought about it.


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Yeah I saw that, I think it's a scam... don't buy it.


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peashooter /

post a link

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This is what I am talking about...Sounds kind of fishy, doesn't it?


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Or try this one...it doesn't end as early.


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I'd be a little skeptical of this one. I looked at the sellers feedback and while he does have quite a few positives he also has 21 nuetral and 28 negative feedback. If you search under completed items for free moped, you will find that he has sold quite a few of these already. I would suggest emailing some of the buyers to find out what they thought of the product. They might just pass the information on to you.

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Reeperette /


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ItsLookingUp /

Okay, here is the deal. Set up an email address that appears to be a company. Email companies stating you are the marketing director and interested in buying 10,000 units of X and ask for a sample. One source of addresses is the website www.globalsources.com. It is suggested that you start out asking for samples of less expensive items to gain experiance at representing yourself as a legitimite company. So, basicly you are misrepresenting yourself to try to get things free. It may not be a scam but it is definately unethical. If you are more curious and a regular user email me for the full information.

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A while back I was getting emails from a company in China practically giving away electric scooters.

If you bought a 20ft container load of them, they'd cost you about 12 bucks a piece.

But...no warranty and no returns! Sold AS-IS.

So now you have a 20 ft shipping container down at the harbor full of potentially toxic waste (batteries, motors) that you are paying storage on, or will have to have trucked someplace to off load.

Hey! you can't go wrong for 12 bucks!


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Yeah this sounds great in theory. I'm wondering how you handle the daily phone calls from the over-zeolous sales guy looking to move 15,000 unitsof his product. I also wonder what court of law would'nt consider this fraud??

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you never get anything for free ... especially not from strangers.

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I was just wondering what everybody thought of this. I thought it sounded really lame.


Re: P.T Barnum said it best


.."there's one born every minute!"

It was said he had a sign with an arrow that said: "To the Egress"

Anybody going to see the "Egress" found themselves outside.


Re: Some things for free

Venereal disease, Miguel.....

Strangers will often give it away for free!

But, in regards to the free moped: Scam City

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Not only is that a scam, it's mail fraud and racketeering, a major felony down your way.

chinese bikes

i noticed ALL the bikes/and one quad on that page are chinese, the blue one is a 100cc made byu jincheng, the one with pedals is made by qingqi and is electric, and the quad on the bottom is a sundiro, i do not recommend ANY of these vehicles, for the simple reason that they are utter junk. TERRIBLE quality control, cheapest materials possible used, and r&d teams that were doin the funny stuff, NEVER buy a chinese bike, ever ever ever!

however, Korean and Japanese bikes are fine, if not great, the Kymco's and Honda's are GREAT, decently built, and reliable, sure their more expensive, but your paying for reliability, their nice bikes!

but the highest quality moped (actually a scooter but its 50ccs, so its a moped to a lot of states) that you can get today HAS to be the MZ Moskito, hands down, rode one today at my local bike shop while i waited for the guy to find parts for my kawasaki, i wanted to steal the damn thing! if only i had $2300 id get one! god what a beautiful bike! gotta love german quality and engineering, if you ever get to ride an old Kreidler or zundapp moped (or even better be able to buy one!) the do! they were the best in their day for quality and still are! ask anyone who owns one!


Re: ebay - free moped false


Re: ebay - free moped false

has anyone tried to get a "free moped" from ebay?


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I doubt that a person, without a corporation, can actually purchase a bike straight from China. You need the corporation number, EIN, etc. to actually proceed with these types of transactions.

Plus, don't forget the cost to import it and the duty cost. It will also probably be stuck in a customs location for an average of one month after the bike lands in American soil.

Too much head aches in importing. I would know, I used to import musical instruments straight from China. Also, It's probably more complicated for vehicles due to DOT standards and such.

You're better off purchasing from a wholesaler or a dealer here in the states.

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I'm suprised nobody here gets together for a little colective bargining. get five people together, ready to buy a specific model, and go down to the bike shop. Most dealers would be happy to make a good deal with you in a situation like that.

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