AIRSAL Piston swap

ok so i was gonna try a airsal reed kit piston, in my airsal piston port kit. i was think (A) tons of blowback. or its gonna work awesome. (B) if so, i could easily use it upside-down. and hope it clears the exhaust port.

any ideas, feedback, support, critasizim?

anyone know anyone with a airsal piston port piston kit in stock? because thats why im trying this out.

Re: AIRSAL Piston swap

whats your current set up and how fast.

Re: AIRSAL Piston swap

well im back to 50cc cuz i trashed my kit.... but

technigas, stock 14mm dellorto carb with 64 jet(still getting some jets to tune) and a 22 rear sprocket.

i can break 40 on flat after my tranny winds up, and maybe touch 45-50 down hills prolly not 50 unless its a nice hill and im crouching.

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