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Todd M Blowers /

how much is a 1982 honda urban express worth if it runs and looks good

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It all depends on where your at, if your buying or selling, milage, what time of year, etcetcetc. My rule of thumb is a running working bike more than 10 years old is worth the least you can get it for or the most you can get for it. If you can't get a bad-ass deal, just wait, unless you really like it, then buy it. but I'd say 200-400.

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yeah that sounds about right, and $100 less if its an Iowa model

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Leon Swarmer /

also depends on if your location needs a title or not... if the paper isn't there it's a big problem.

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Yeah, for sure on the paperwork. I've seen a lot of Expresses, QT50s, FA50s, etc. (no actual mopeds ) on the local Craigslist for $300-$400 that look really good, until you get to the bottom of the description, where they say no title, bill of sale only, or something like that. That presents 2 problems in my state. My state definitely requires all the proper paperwork, or you will never get it registered, and since these things have no pedals they must be titled and registered as motorcycles, and require a motorcycle license to ride. I got a Puch registered with only a bill of sale, but that was because it was a moped, and mopeds aren't titled here. Had it been a noped, it would have fallen under motorcycle laws, and I would never have been able to get it registered, basically worthless. While this is unrelated, I also notice a LOT of people selling 50cc nopeds and scooters on Craigslist, claiming they need no license, registration, plate, insurance, etc., because they are only 50cc. Here, a 50cc cycle of any kind except a real moped requires everything that a Harley Electra Glide requires. Peace. Jerry.

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