liability insurance in MA

ok i really want to insure a moped and MA but everyone has turned me down.... somone please help out.... anyone at all able to get insurance in ma? any sort of liability?

Re: liability insurance in MA

i wonder if you could register it as a motorcycle and then just insure it.

I dont know why you would, but i bet they would.

i think you light has to be on all the time...

but i dont see why you couldnt do it.

expensive tho

Re: liability insurance in MA

I don't know if this will help but call Tim, he takes care of all of the scooter dudes around here in Ohio. Just see what he says

Tim McKeogh, Agent

A State Farm Insurance

( Tel: 440-543-1950/Fax: 440-543-7649

* 8227 E. Washington St #4 Chagrin Falls, OH 44023


Re: liability insurance in MA

Mass is really wierd we dont have many of the insurance companies other states have - we dont have that geiko lizard dude lol, i think we still have to use in state carriers?

Im just talking shit as usual, at least that guy above would be able to tell you for real.

Re: liability insurance in MA

Tim was going to insure my moped

Re: liability insurance in MA

SABAT! andDestroy /

thanks im leaving him a message now...

Re: liability insurance in MA

Steve, sorry man I was bedridden till today just about with a cold/surgery. I got my magnum insured through Amica. Price was reasonable and had basic coverage. I only bothered with collision and medical, since the deductible is more than the worth of the moped itself. Give Amica a call - they insured me with no hassle.

Re: liability insurance in MA

SABAT! andDestroy /

its cool, ive been there, hotpitalized for a month once, with brain hemoraging.

but thank you soo much, finally someone with an answer


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