1981 honda passport

so i just bought my first moped yesterday fifty bucks from a guy at work. its a 81 Honda passport, it runs great, but looks like crap, and the knob is broken off on the handle bars that selects off, run, off so to turn it off you gotta grab the spark plug, the speedometer doesn't work the leg guard is cracked the seat's hinge is gone, and the turning signals on the back do not work. but other wise it runs great, i was wondering if there were any sites i could look at to find parts or guides to repair things like the knob and other parts that are messed up. thanks for the help

Re: 1981 honda passport

careful about callin it a moped; there's plenty of love for passports/cubs here and generally folks wont dog you for having one as long as you don't call it a moped, since legally its a motorcycle.

that said, www.dratv.com is a good hookup for parts, and there's a couple yahoo groups such as


with lots of good info. $50 is a pretty hot deal!

Re: 1981 honda passport

ah so its not a moped, don't know much about mopeds or in this case motorcycles, thanks

Re: 1981 honda passport

Tons of stuff available...don't they still make c70's for the Asian market?

Re: 1981 honda passport

That bike is something your great-grandkids might ride.

They're still made, but haven't been sold in the U.S. since '82. Over 50,000,000 Cubs have been built since 1958 (Cubs, C70's.. y'know) Yours is (I think) the 12 volt version, which will make things a bit easier for you.

Here's a video that shows a bit of the Cub's power.

Behold! The Bike That Could Not Die!!!!


This one is just plain good -

Re: 1981 honda passport

81 is the last year they where 6v so u got 6v

and would i be shoot for showing up on one of those to a rally

Re: 1981 honda passport

shot not shoot umm i suck at spelling

Re: 1981 honda passport

I doubt anyone would get shot showing up to a rally with a Passport - they're accepted because of their vintage and pedigree. I've got nothing but raves on mine!

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